What Are the Most Effective Ways to Style a Notch Lapel Blazer for Female Executives?

From boardroom meetings to networking events, a well-fitted blazer can elevate your professional attire to new heights. As female executives, you know the importance of dressing the part. The perfect suit or blazer can make you feel powerful, confident, and ready to conquer the world. Among various styles, the notch lapel blazer has gained much popularity for its versatility and elegance. However, styling such a unique piece can often seem daunting.

This article will be your guide to wearing a notch lapel blazer with style and finesse, showing you how to pair your blazer with different items to create an ensemble that exudes authority and sophistication. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of power dressing.

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The Art of Choosing the Right Blazer

Before we discuss how to style a notch lapel blazer, it is essential to understand how to select the right one. It’s not merely about brand names or the latest fashion trends; it’s about finding a tailored jacket that complements your shape and personal style.

When selecting a blazer, pay attention to the lapels – the folded flaps of cloth on the front of your blazer. Notch lapels, which form a ‘notch’ where they join the collar, are the most popular and versatile. Their angular cut adds a touch of drama, making them equally suitable for business and formal occasions.

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Ensure the blazer fits correctly. It should hug your natural waist, and the sleeves should end at your wrist bone. The blazer’s length varies according to personal preference, but a longline blazer that covers your hips can create a streamlined silhouette that’s perfect for business settings.

Pairing Your Notch Lapel Blaker with Different Bottoms

Now that you have your perfect notch lapel blazer, it’s time to pair it with different bottoms. The beauty of the blazer is its versatility; it can be worn with anything, from tailored trousers to chic skirts.

For a classic business style, pair your blazer with tailored trousers in a matching color. Black is a tried-and-tested choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colors like navy blue or grey. For a more feminine approach, try a pencil skirt. It’s a timeless piece that adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Alternatively, for a more relaxed look, you can pair your blaker with a pair of tailored jeans. While this might not be suitable for formal business settings, it’s a great option for less formal occasions like a business casual office or networking events.

Coordinating Your Blazer with Different Tops

The choice of what to wear under your blazer can drastically change your overall look. For formal meetings or presentations, a crisp white dress shirt is a classic choice. It’s simple, elegant, and oozes professionalism.

If you’re looking to add a dash of color, opt for a blouse in shades like pastel blue or lavender. These colors are not too overpowering and add a touch of femininity to your ensemble.

For a less formal setting, consider pairing your blazer with a stylish turtleneck or a simple t-shirt for a chic and relaxed look. The key is to keep the look balanced. If your jacket is tailored and formal, pair it with a more relaxed top, and vice versa.

Accessorizing Your Blazer Outfit

Accessories can make or break your outfit. From statement necklaces to sleek watches, the right accessories can enhance your notch lapel blazer and show off your personality.

For neckwear, consider a simple pendant necklace or a silk scarf. These can add a touch of elegance without overpowering your blazer. When it comes to wristwear, a watch is a must-have for any businesswoman. Choose a sleek, minimalist design that exudes sophistication.

Lastly, don’t forget about your shoes. Pumps are a classic choice that can elevate any outfit. For a more comfortable option, consider loafers or flats.

Incorporating Color and Patterns into Your Look

While a black notch lapel blazer is a wardrobe staple, don’t shy away from experimenting with colors and patterns. A navy blue blazer can make you stand out in a sea of black and grey, while a pinstriped blazer can add an element of fun to your outfit.

When playing with patterns, remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple. If your blazer is patterned, pair it with a solid-colored bottom and vice versa. It’s all about balance – you want your outfit to be interesting without being overwhelming.

In the world of business, your wardrobe can be a powerful tool. A perfectly styled notch lapel blazer can elevate your professional attire and help you make a strong impression. So ladies, it’s time to don your blazers and conquer the world with style and confidence.

Considering the Different Lapel Styles

When it comes to lapels, there’s more than just a notch lapel to consider. Other popular styles include peak lapels or a shawl collar, each offering a unique aesthetic. A peak lapel, commonly found on double-breasted jackets, has a wide and pointed lapel that peaks upwards towards your shoulders. This style is traditionally seen as more formal and is often reserved for business suits or formal events.

On the other hand, a shawl collar, characterized by a continuous curve, is typically found on dinner jackets or tuxedos, providing an elegant, James Bond-esque vibe. However, for versatility and everyday wear, the notch lapel reigns supreme. It’s less formal than the peak lapel but more formal than a shawl collar, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions – from business casual to business formal.

When choosing between single and double-breasted styles, consider your personal style and the image you want to project. A single-breasted blazer is a timeless classic and works well in most professional settings, while a double-breasted blazer exudes a sense of elegance and authority.

Matching Blazers with Occasions and Seasons

The versatility of a notch lapel blazer extends to different occasions and seasons. You can choose from various sizes, colors, and fabrics to match the event and weather. For example, a navy blue blazer made of lightweight linen would be a stylish choice for a summer networking event, while a wool-blend black lapel blazer would keep you warm and chic during a winter board meeting.

For formal business meetings, a pant suit with a notch lapel blazer is a classic yet powerful choice. Alternatively, for less formal occasions or business casual settings, you can opt for a Veronica Beard style blazer paired with tailored jeans.

In terms of color, black, navy blue, and grey are classic choices that can work for various occasions. However, don’t limit yourself to these colors. Depending on the season and the formality of the event, you can also experiment with lighter colors or even patterns. For instance, a pastel-colored blazer would be a refreshing choice for spring, while a plaid blazer could add a festive touch to your outfit during the holiday season.

Conclusion: Harnessing the Power of the Notch Lapel Blazer

In the modern business world, the notion of power dressing extends beyond simply what you wear. It’s about how you wear it and how it makes you feel. With the right style choices and a notch lapel blazer tailored to your shape and personal style, you can exude confidence and authority.

Remember, the key is to choose a blazer that fits you perfectly and complements your personal style. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and accessories to add a touch of your personality to your ensemble. Whether it’s a single-breasted notch lapel blazer for a business meeting or a double-breasted peak lapel blazer for a formal event, each choice can make a powerful statement about your leadership and style.

In the world of fashion design, the notch lapel blazer has proven to be a versatile and timeless piece, and with the right styling, it can be your secret weapon for success. So, ladies, embrace the power of the notch lapel blazer and let it elevate your professional wardrobe to new heights. After all, as a successful female executive, you don’t just dress to impress – you dress to conquer.

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